Be Natural Autobiopic Alice Guy Blache

Be Natural Autobiopic Alice Guy Blache

jeudi 28 février 2008

Pit and the Pendulum 1913 Edgar Allan Poe ALICE GUY

Solax Company

Pit and the Pendulum 1913
Production Alice Guy Blache

MORNING TELEGRAPH Sunday july 27 1913

The SOLAX Company puts out a feature. Usually they are pretty good "The Pit and the Pendulum" is more than that.Not only is it one of the best features done by the Solax Company but it is a three part film of which any company might jestly be proud ......
.Then come the torture scenes. Here all the horror of Poe's story are fully realized. The huge pendulum sharp as a razor, swings to and fro descending at every stroke... ....Then the girl is tortured and to save her be confesse

MOVING PICTURE WORLD Saturday 2 august 1913

The Pit and the Pendulum ( SOLAX Compamy)
A special offering in three reels that will excite enthusiasm!
Rats graw the ropes that bind him ...
Darwin Karr has the central role and is at his best.
The picture is imaginative ... The photography is excellent...


The Pit and the Pendulum
Some liberties have been taken with dgar Allan Poe's story, upon which this three reel feature is founded but altogether it is an excellent production that very well reflects the haunting horror of Poe's tale. Settings, costumes, and acting are admirable and the element of suspense is finely maintained. Thereare terrible detail in plenty. Such as the showing of rats crawling over the body of a man ...

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